Interlogix Shutdown

The security products provider, Interlogix, (often referred to as “GE,” “ITI,” and “UTC”) discontinued operations at the end of 2019

Their product line includes some widely used alarm control panel brands such as Simon, Concord, and Caddx. Interlogix intends to provide technical support for an unspecified amount of time and to honor warranty obligations.

There are numerous other manufacturers that provide compatible wireless sensors should replacements or additions be needed for existing systems.

Even though product lines being discontinued, please rest assured that My Alarm Center will continue to provide technical support. The manufacturer will perform warranty obligations And, although we are disappointed Interlogix is closing, we recognize that technology is constantly changing and usually for the better!

If you’re in need of an equipment upgrade, reach out to us today! For special circumstances – where the panel cannot be swapped out, you can reach out to us, and we’ll figure out the right solution for you.