Residential/Commercial Alarm Systems

Unlike certain alarm companies that advertise free alarm systems with a one-time installation fee, and then a $30.00 to $50.00 per month monitoring fee to recoup their equipment costs over a 3-year contract. Then after the three-year term is up for renewal they seem to forget to call you and offer to drop your monthly rate to what it really should be since your equipment is now paid for in full.

This price drop could result in savings of $12 to $40 a month or $144 to $480 a year. Community Protection believes in being upfront with our clients in regards to the real cost of their alarm system. We will provide an accurate quote for your required equipment based on our in-depth on-site assessment. NOT pre-made kits!

*Equipment Financing maybe available.

Monitoring Starting At:

$14.95 per month (+ HST)